Spreading the Message of Her Holiness Princess Magu, Goddess of Cannabis
October 29, 2015

Ma Gu becomes Magu


There has been a relatively recent change in Chinese to English translations when it applies to Her Holiness’s name. For many years the sacred characters Ma (麻) and Gu (姑) that compound to create Her Holiness’s name have been translated into English as two separate words but the general consensus has changed. Now it is more common to combine them to make “Magu”, as it is a name proper and is more in keeping with modern translations of Chinese.

We shall reflect this change on our website effective immediately and will be publishing a revised edition of our Scriptures, that will be fully updated and expanded, in the new year. Also in the new year we plan to release a few other versions of the Scriptures, particularly a Pocket Edition and a Deluxe Hardback Edition.

The characters and the way you pronounce Magu have not changed, this is purely to do with how to write Her name in English best, if you write it “Ma Gu” that is fine too, but over time it is recommended we all change to “Magu” for better naming convention accuracy.

Magu Xian Shou

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October 21, 2015

Baba’s Coffeeshop in Amsterdam Closes


Baba’s Coffeeshop in Amsterdam was recently forced to close & it seems like a good moment to post a little about both the coffeeshop and Ganesha and how they are relevant to Maguists.

To understand why Baba’s was an important location for devotees you need to understand the relevance Ganesha has to Maguists.

In our Scriptures Ganesha is not named but is referred to as the “3 legged elephant-ape-man”. He is the clearer of obstacles (creating pathways in the jungle forest) and in so doing began the process that gave birth to Her Holiness Princess Magu.

Because Ganesha clears obstacles to the Maguist, over the years, when devotees visit ‪Amsterdam‬ they will visit Baba’s first, not because of the quality of the Cannabis (although good) but rather due to images of Ganesha being literally all over the shop and with a huge statue of him that devotees would visit and honor asking him to clear obstacles on there spiritual journey.

Apparently they will be re-opening in a new location so when that happens we’ll post a follow up.

Magu Xian Shou

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August 20, 2015

Happy Fire Festival!


Happy Fire Festival!

Today is the day mentioned in the sacred text “When The World Was Green” where devotees burn Cannabis in a large gathering as way of giving thanks to Her Holiness, Mother Earth and Father Sky.

Over the centuries and due to persecution the Fire Ritual has evolved into many forms depending upon how Cannabis has been viewed by the authorities at the time. Many people started to burn Joss Paper (ghost money) instead as to be caught in possession of Cannabis would result in persecution and being sent to re-education camps for example.

What should you be doing today? As described in the sacred texts we should be gathering together, burning Cannabis, praising and communing with Her Holiness together.

Princess Magu is a Goddess of great Mercy and Kindness who saved the slaves from under Her evil father and we are sure any offering you make to Her will be greatly received and She will bestow myriad blessings upon you.

Magu Xian Shou

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July 21, 2015

Today is Magu’s Birthday


Today is Her Holiness Princess Magu’s Birthday!

We hope you will be celebrating with us & giving thanks for Her myriad blessings.

Magu Xian Shou

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February 19, 2015

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!

As we start the Year of The Goat we wish you a peaceful and prosperous new year.

Some important dates for Maguists to be aware of as the year unfolds are:

21st April – Queen Mother of the West’s Birthday
21st July – Magu’s Birthday
20th August – The Fire Ritual

Remember we use a lunar calendar so these dates change every year so make a note on your calendar on the wall to not forget.

Magu Xian Shou

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