Spreading the Message of Her Holiness Princess Magu, Goddess of Cannabis

Who Is Magu?

Magu is the Taoist Goddess of Cannabis.

Her most frequently used name is Her Holiness Princess Magu, Goddess of Cannabis.

Magu is often depicted alongside cranes and deer or holding peaches or wine (symbols of longevity).

She has the forever youthful appearance of an eighteen year old girl though Her actual age is infinite.

Magu has seen the Eastern sea transform many times, each transformation said to take thousands of years.

Before becoming immortal She freed slaves who were working for Her evil father.

Devotees celebrate Magu’s birthday on the 6th day of the 6th lunar month.

In 1116, Emperor Hui Zong gave her the title of Immortal Xu Miao (Infinite Harmony).