Spreading the Message of Her Holiness Princess Magu, Goddess of Cannabis
October 29, 2015

Ma Gu becomes Magu


There has been a relatively recent change in Chinese to English translations when it applies to Her Holiness’s name. For many years the sacred characters Ma (麻) and Gu (姑) that compound to create Her Holiness’s name have been translated into English as two separate words but the general consensus has changed. Now it is more common to combine them to make “Magu”, as it is a name proper and is more in keeping with modern translations of Chinese.

We shall reflect this change on our website effective immediately and will be publishing a revised edition of our Scriptures, that will be fully updated and expanded, as soon as possible. We also plan to release a few other versions of the Scriptures, particularly a Pocket Edition and a Deluxe Hardback Edition.

The characters and the way you pronounce Magu have not changed, this is purely to do with how to write Her name in English best, if you write it “Ma Gu” that is fine too, but over time it is recommended we all change to “Magu” for better naming convention accuracy.

Magu Xian Shou

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